Ensemble Video works in concert with users, systems and video workflows across your organization.

You need an Online Video Platform (OVP) that supports an open media ecosystem, allowing you to choose the best tools to suit your needs, and eliminating the risk of proprietary lock-in. You should be free to experiment with capture tools and software without all the baggage of high switching costs, heavy duty staffing requirements or data center capacity issues. Ensemble Video is a compatible solution that grows with your needs, and evolves with the industry, empowering you to create an open, flexible, scalable, and sustainable digital media ecosystem.

Ensemble Video Platform

Ensemble Video is a turnkey video platform that streamlines video capture, video management and video publishing. The Ensemble Video platform enables hundreds of progressive organizations across the globe to deliver accessible media content any time, over a variety of networks. Discover the incredible value and power of our streamlined video capture, video management and video publishing platform!