Students and Educators can Easily Take and Share Notes while Watching Videos!

Ensemble Video allows content administrators (instructors) and viewers in an LMS (students) to take notes while watching videos, making it easy to share knowledge and enhance engagement, teaching, and learning. Video notes can be searched, clicked, edited and shared, making them engaging and useful in a number of contexts. The Video Notes will appear time-stamped right along with the section of the video that corresponds with the note. Supported LMS integrations are Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Brightspace by D2L.

Ensemble Video Notes


Social Note Taking inside an LMS

Ensemble Video's Notes feature is a great way for an entire class to participate in social note taking. Students can share feedback, questions and relevant information collectively, or students can take private video notes. In both cases, students can edit their video notes and share a note with another student or with the entire class.

Share to a Point in the Timeline of the Video

Ensemble Video allows viewers and content administrators to send a link to a video that jumps directly to a point in the video timeline. This is a great feature for long-form video content or if some of the video is not relevant.