Easily Add Video Comments to Generate Discussions on VOD and Live Streams!

The Ensemble Video comments section allows you to get direct feedback from your viewers, answer their questions, and overall create a community and conversation around your videos. Any video owners or authenticated viewers can use comments for adding an afterthought, a clarification, or side conversation. Of course, some comments are brilliant, and some are not. The good news is, there are options that help content administrators edit or delete comments. Lastly, Live Stream video comments are saved for Live Streams that were recorded.

Ensemble Video Comments


Save Live Stream Comments on Recorded Streams

Watch your Ensemble Video Live streams come alive on-demand, as live comments are saved on the recorded file. This feature makes the videos come alive and gives the on-demand viewers a better experience and understanding of what the audience was talking about during a live stream.

Comments are Linked Directly with the Video's Timeline

Commenting on a video in Ensemble Video allows you to click on and share comments that are linked directly with the video's timeline. Time-based commenting makes comments active and engaging, while getting everyone's feedback in Ensemble Video alongside the video file itself.