Easily Trim & Chop Video in just a Few Seconds

Search AnnotationsA good practice for creating engaging content is to draw your viewer in from the moment they press play on your video. Trimming and chopping any unnecessary footage from the start, middle or end of your video can help keep your viewers enticed. With Ensemble Video, trimming and chopping video is as easy as can be, no editing skills are necessary. Upload video clips, then trim and chop them in just a few seconds!

Ensemble Video's Trim feature allows a user to trim their video to the perfect length. Users can trim the unwanted segments from the start and end of the video. Or users can chop the video, a chop is when you remove a section inside of a video. A user can cut the media in two places and "chop out" the middle section and join the other segments of the video back together.

Trim & Chop