Ensemble Video's permission-based security model allows you to securely integrate videos and playlists into your publishing platforms.

Ensemble Video SecurityIt is clear that securing your media is critical. Our software provides end-to-end content restriction for videos and playlists to guarantee your content is being viewed by authorized users or groups. Additionally, you can control who can access your video playlists and videos through Active Directory, LDAP or your LMS/CMS.

System-wide Security Settings

Ensemble Video enables administrators to enforce system-wide security settings. Colleges can restrict streaming to their LMS, Enterprises can restrict viewing in their CMS, and so much more!

Security Options

  • User Viewing Restriction
  • Playlist Viewing Restriction
  • Password Viewing Restriction
  • LDAP Group Video Access
  • Individual Video Viewing Restriction
  • Restrict Playlist Viewing by DNS/Web Address
  • Restricted Playlist Viewing in Portal
  • Limit the Number of Concurrent Viewers
  • Restrict Access by IP Address or IP Range