Search for any word in a video and jump to that moment in one click.

Search Inside VideoEnsemble Video users can use our automatic captions feature, our built-in caption editor caption and/or leverage captioning services to caption content, then easily search inside videos to enhance viewer engagement and video navigation. Our "search inside video" feature saves your viewers precious time searching by enabling them to jump directly to points of interest inside a single video. The "search inside" feature uses the time-based close captions created by third-party integrated transcription providers or with a built-in, do-it-yourself caption editor.


Search Inside Video Example


Enrich the viewing experience by creating searchable and clickable video annotations.

Search Annotations Enables viewers to search and click video annotations to increase engagement and have your content viewed more frequently. Ensemble Video annotations allow you to layer clickable notes over your video. They help you enrich the video experience by adding navigation, information and interactivity. Many customers create annotations for presentations, important meetings and lectures. Additionally, annotations are used in observation and training videos. Content owners can easily add these searchable notes on their videos.

Annotations Example