Configure Ensemble Video for Different Locations and Languages

Ensemble Video Region & Lanaguage SettingsEnsemble Video delivers a set of features to simplify region and language settings. The Ensemble Video Platform's localized software is easier to use and helps build long term customer satisfaction. The administrator user interface, as well as the end-user experience, can be configured to leverage an alternate languages, time zones and date formats. Additionally, individual users can set their own environment for language, time zone and date format. These features greatly help you to support and reach a large of number of users who speak English, Spanish and French.



Change the language of the Ensemble Video adminstrative and viewing interface from English to an Spanish or French.

Date Format

Transform you date format based on how you would like the dates to display in Ensemble Video.

Time Zone

Set the default time zone for where your Ensemble Video deployment is located.

Time Format

Set your deployment's time zone so it displays correctly in Ensemble Video.