Unleash your video and deliver videos to iPhones, iPads, Androids and computers.

Ensemble Playback on Any Device Ensemble Video's HTML5 video player guarantees video delivery to virtually any device on the market. We designed our platform and player to ensure that your videos will play anytime and anywhere.

Multi-Device Streaming

Ensemble Video detects the viewer's device and displays the video stream using the appropriate streaming player and protocol. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, Android and personal computers.

Adaptive Bit Rate Viewing

Ensemble Video continually monitors viewer bandwidth and dynamically adjusts video quality based on available bandwidth. Additionally, viewers can lock-in to a quality level.

Accessibility & Closed Captions

Ensemble Video's Closed Captions can be displayed on a variety of devices. Administrators can design the caption styles to meet the needs of their viewers. Learn more about our Closed Captioning features and partners.

Mobile App

Using the Ensemble Video Mobile App users can record, manage, publish and view videos from their iPhone or iPad. Also, users can download content for offline viewing in the Ensemble Video mobile app.

Search Inside Video

Our search inside video feature saves precious time searching by enabling your viewers to jump directly to points of interest inside a single video.

Playback Speed

Our player allows viewers to control the playback speed of any media file. The playback speed relates to the speed at which the video is played. Ensemble Video supports double speed, half speed and normal speed playback options.

Player Design, Branding & Skins

Customize the player to match your website's look-and-feel for your entire Institution or for specific departments. Ensemble Video administrators can control the branding, size and skin of the player.

Responsive Player

Our responsive publishing options enable Ensemble Video publishers to embed responsive videos, portals and playlists that automatically adapt to the width of the viewer's device so each viewer will have an optimal viewing experience on their PC, smartphone or tablet.


Our searchable annotations enable content managers to enrich the viewing experience by creating searchable and clickable video annotations.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Ensemble Video CDN solutions empower organizations to use the Internet to reach and communicate with users-anywhere, anytime.