Use our functional framework to organize video and audio content for departments and individuals across your organization.

Ensemble Video FrameworkEnsemble Video's unique management framework supports institution-wide management of media assets across one or many internal departments and users. Ensemble Video offers several user roles which enable our customers to apply granular permissions for users and assets. Additionally, we support automatic account provisioning based on AD/LDAP, CAS and Shibboleth.


Ensemble Video customers utilize at least one Institution where they can define brand options, player skins, media workflows, identity providers and many more institutional settings.


Each Institution has one or many Organizations that contain any number of Media Libraries within the Organization.


Each Media Library has one or more Content Administrators who record, stream, upload and manage media in that Media Library. A Content Administrator leverages our feature-set to publish, share and enhance their content.

Identity Provider Support

Ensemble Video supports LDAP, AD, Shibboleth, SAML 2.0 and CAS identity providers (IDP) to simplify user account management. Once configured, an IDP can be used to authenticate your users as they access Ensemble Video. An IDP can also be used with auto-provisioning, to automatically create appropriate system permissions and security, for new users and viewers.