Notify users about specific Ensemble Video activities!

Ensemble Video supports Web and Email Notifications for users. By default, users get notifications and updates related to specific Ensemble Video activities in their media library. Users receive System Notifications (pink background) and Activity Notifications (new content, sharing, direct publishing, etc) in the Notification Panel. Finally, there are numbers overlayed on the left navigation buttons to indicate the new items in the specific areas.

Ensemble Video Notifications


Notification Panel

Notification PanelThe Ensemble Video notification panel enables a user to read, delete and modify notification settings. The image below illustrates the options and interface.

  1. Mark All as Read: Click to indicate all notifications have been read and clear the notification panel.
  2. Settings: Click to edit the logged in user's Notification Settings.
  3. Delete: Click to Delete the notification from the Notification panel.
  4. Mark as Read: Click the "Circle Icon" to indicate a notification has been read. If a notification has been read the numbers in the red bubble and left navigations items will be updated.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are Ensemble Video updates that you receive via email. The email notifications will be sent to the email address in the user's profile. For example, here is an example email notification to an instructor explaining that a student has submitted a new item to the Course Project Dropbox. Each email will include a specific notification and a message prompting the user to customize and/or stop (opt-out) of email notifications.

Email Notifications