Ensemble Video lets you record, manage and publish your videos from your iPhone or iPad. Plus, your students can record and submit video assignments through the mobile app.


Upload Anywhere
  • You can upload or record videos for class, co-workers, or viewers.
  • Students can submit video assignments from their iPhone or iPad.
Manage Anywhere
  • Manage a video, lecture, presentation, or training session.
  • Create and manage video playlists for sharing with your class, co-workers, or viewers.
View Anywhere
  • View a video, lecture, presentation, or training session.
  • Download content for offline viewing.
  • Read closed captions as you watch the video.

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Mobile Recording & Trimming

Use the (1) Upload or (2) Plus Icon in the Library area to Upload or Record video using the Gallery or Camera. Then you will use the (3) Record Button to Record video using the Camera. You will tap the (4) Gallery Tab to select a video from the Camera Gallery. Prior to uploading you can (5) Trim the Start and End points of the video. Finally, you can (6) Title and Description and (7) Upload the video into Ensemble Video.

Upload in Ensemble Video Mobile App

Effortless Video Assignments

Your students can record and upload their content to Ensemble Video Drobox Assignments for grading. The Ensemble Video Dropbox Assignments automatically populate in the LMS gradebook, simplifying viewing and grading of video assignments for your instructors.

Ensemble Video in Canvas SpeedGrader

Simple Streaming & Offline Viewing

Your instructors and students can stream content from the Ensemble Video mobile app on their iPhone or iPad. Also, they can download content for offline viewing in the Ensemble Video mobile app.

Streaming Video & Offline Content

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