We make live streaming easy and enable users to automatically record streams into their Ensemble Video media library.

Live Stream & CaptureEnsemble Video offers affordable and effective ways to stream and record Live broadcasts to a webpage, CMS, LMS, blog or portal. You can use third-party encoders or you can use the EnsembleLive Mobile app as a live streaming encoder.

Live Stream

The Live Stream feature enables you to easily deliver a live stream where you can start and stop recording. The recorded files will be automatically placed in your Media Library.

Live Capture

The Live Capture feature enables you to deliver a live stream that will be automatically captured and placed in your Media Library upon completion of the stream.

Encoder Integrations

Use popular software and hardware live streaming encoders with Ensemble Video's easy to use interface. Our customers use Wirecast, Open Broadcaster, Matrox Monarch HD and many more video encoders to broadcast and record their live streams!