Encode nearly any format to a standardized output for multi-device viewing.

Encode and Compress VideoEnsemble Video offers cloud or self-hosted encoding options for institution-wide content producers. Our flexible encoding tools were designed for multiple user environments that require a simple standardized output. Multiple jobs can be encoded simultaneously, you can customize encoding presets, use watch folders associated with presets, and leverage drag-and-drop encoding workflows. Ultimately, all of our encoding options were designed to keep your workflow simple and streamlined

Preset Configuration

Ensemble Video's encoding presets are customizable to meet your needs and the needs of your viewers.

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Encoding

Ensemble Video encoding integrations make ABR encoding easy with standard and custom encoding presets that ensure a great viewer experience.

Watch Directories (Ingestion Workflows)

Ensemble Video administrators can specify local or shared network directories to ingest content from users, video appliances or encoders.

Divide & Conquer

Use Ensemble Squeeze self-hosted server and saturate multiple cores at once for more efficient encoding.