Simplify On-Premise Transcoding Workflows

Ensemble Video TranscoderEnsemble Video's on-premise transcoder has been designed with large scale content producers in mind, and it works well in a multiple user environment that requires a standardized file outputs. Ensemble customers can customize a variety of encoding workflows associated with single file or adaptive bit rate (ABR) presets, enabling them to enjoy finely-tuned encoding workflows with their Ensemble Video self-hosted video platform.

The transcoding server allows our customers to upload countless formats into Ensemble Video to prepare them for video on demand streaming, delivering video through our HTML5 player on a variety of devices across several platforms. The simple user interface provides a monitoring dashboard along with visibility into active, completed and failed jobs. Additionally, the transcoder provides details and logs based on your transcoding activity. Finally, Ensemble Video's Transcoder can be installed on-premise, on a virtual machine or physical server.


Transcoder Dashboard

The Ensemble Video Transcoding server dashboard lets you monitor what your on-premise transcoding server is doing and how it is being used. You can quickly get an understanding of the total jobs, the number of active jobs and completed jobs over a specific time frame.

Ensemble Video Transcoder Dashboard

Monitor Active, Completed and Failed Jobs

The self-hosted transcoding server's simple user interface provides visibility into active, completed and failed jobs. You'll be able to review the exact files that are currently being processed, which files where completed and inspect failed jobs with just a couple mouse clicks.

Ensemble Video Transcoder Active Jobs

Transcoding Job Details and Logs

The Ensemble Video Transcoder also allows users to monitor specific transcoding jobs. In most cases, users will review a list of jobs that have a specific status (ex. Failed) so they can inspect, troubleshoot and solve specific issues per job.

Ensemble Video Transcoder Job Detail