Ensemble Helps You Get the Most out of Squeeze Server

Sorenson Squeeze ServerEnsemble Video has partnered with Sorenson Squeeze because Squeeze Server was developed with large scale content producers in mind, and is great for a multiple user environment that requires a standardized output. Ensemble customers can use watch folders associated with presets, enabling them to enjoy a drag-and-drop encoding workflow. Multiple jobs can be encoded simultaneously, and Squeeze Server nodes can be clustered together to create a powerful transcoding farm. Automatically include pre- and post-roll stitching with your branding, again keeping your workflow simple and streamlined. Squeeze Server can be installed in-house, on a cloud based server, or even on a virtual machine.


Why Squeeze Server and Ensemble Video?

Sorenson Squeeze Server and Ensemble Video are powerful and affordable technologies that can easily integrate with a wide range of video workflows, helping you align organizational needs and goals.

Easy of Use

Ensemble Video makes deploying Sorenson Squeeze Server easy! Our video platform offers a simple and easy use graphical user interface on top Squeeze Server's industrial strength encoding platform.

LIVE & VOD Streaming

Ensemble Video customers upload countless formats and Squeeze Server encodes them to simplify video on demand streaming, delivering video to a variety of devices across several platforms.