Ensemble Video is the #1 MediaCore Alternative


If you are looking for an alternative to MediaCore, then look no further. Ensemble Video is an excellent replacement for the MediaCore Platform because we were designed inside a university, by educators. Ensemble Video's features and management functionality go well beyond what MediaCore video cms can offer.

MediaCore Video CMS Migration Tool

Ensemble Video has a custom MediaCore migration tool making transitioning from MediaCore simple!

Screen Capture

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful Mac and Windows screen capture solution supporting your lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs.

LIVE & VOD Streaming

Ensemble Video delivers live and video on demand streams to a variety of devices across several platforms.

LMS & CMS Plugins

Ensemble Video delivers video to a variety devices across several LMS, CMS, social platforms and webpages.

Ease of Use

Ensemble Video is an easy to use and easy to manage system when compared to other video platforms.