Safe, Secure and ready for GDPR

Ensemble Video is ready for GDPR

It is clear that securing and keeping your personal information confidential is critical. For over a decade now, Ensemble Video has been one of the most secure video platforms on the market -- and we're staying that way. So, when the European Union's (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into play, we've got you covered.

What is GDPR?

GDPR comes into force on May 25th 2018 providing enhanced personal data privacy rights for EU residents, tightening the rules for businesses on how they collect, store and process personal data for individuals in the EU. The new regulations will impact organizations worldwide who collect and process personal data of individuals in the EU. So, if you're running an employee or customer software program, you'll likely be affected.

GDPR Ensemble Video

Securing Your Data

The GDPR requires several data protection safeguards to ensure a level of security appropriate to the nature of the personal data and purpose of the processing, including encryption, integrity and availability of processing systems and services, ability to restore access to data, access controls and other technical and organizational security methods. Our engineering team is continually improving authentication, authorization, and auditing to protect customer data.

Data Collection

Some of the key rights of a data subject are the ability to request access, modification and deletion of their personal data. Ensemble Video features the ability for you to assign rights to your administrators to access and modify personal data to meet the 'correction' requirement of the GDPR. So, you'll easily be able to modify an individual's personal data should they request it.

Right to be Forgotten

The GDPR enables a data subject to request the erasure of its personal data under certain conditions, including the permanent removal of personal contact information from your database, including email tracking history, call records, form submissions and more. Ensemble Video enables you to grant rights to your Administrators to permanently delete individual contacts and respondent personal data in response to a request.