• Ensemble Video Platform

    Our platform and player ensure that our customers' videos will play on any device, anytime and anywhere.

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    Ensemble Video Platform
  • Education Video Platform

    Our platform integrations enable users to easily insert videos and video playlists inside your LMS.

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    Education Video Platform
  • Enterprise Video Platform

    Ensemble Video was designed to work in concert with users and systems across your organization to simplify video management.

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    Enterprise Video Platform
  • Lecture Capture Platform

    Enhance teaching and learning with our hardware and software lecture capture tools.

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    Lecture Capture Platform

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The Ensemble Video Platform works in concert with users and systems across your organization to enable video sharing and video content management of an ever-increasing flow of video content. Hundreds of organizations use Ensemble Video every day to capture, manage, and play their video content.

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Key Features

Lecture Capture

Ensemble Studio, our lecture capture system, provides automated lecture recording.

Desktop Capture

Create screen, webcam and audio recordings wherever and whenever you want.

Chrome Recorder Extension

Create screen and webcam recordings on Chromebooks and PCs with the Chrome Browser!

Video to Many Devices

Publish your media to many devices, across many networks and publishing platforms.


Seamlessly upload media or insert videos and video playlists into your LMS or CMS.

Mobile Apps

Use our mobile apps to record, live stream, manage and share content from your device.

Video Quizzes

Educators and trainers use our video quiz tool for testing comprehension and reinforcing key concepts.

Video Dropbox

Easily harvest video and audio content from users without an Ensemble Video account.


Ensemble Video enables you to make video accessible to all your viewers.

YouTube™ Integration

Ensemble users can import videos from YouTube™ and publish videos to YouTube™.


Viewer reports provide the information you need to successfully manage your content.


Restrict access to content by users or groups using our diverse secure publishing options.

Orchestrate Your Video

The Ensemble Video platform is in tune with your audience, media producers and information technology staff.

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Ensemble Video is used by universities, businesses and schools across the globe.

Ensemble Video Customers

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