Our Team Commits Extensive Energy to Make Our Customers Happy

The team at Ensemble Video is focused on developing video technologies that enable efficient, coordinated, and collaborative video capture, management and delivery in any organization. Ensemble Video, Ensemble Anthem and Ensemble Studio are flexible, easy to use, and integrate easily with a wide range of complementary video and Web technologies.

Our team has broad and deep expertise in the technologies, workflows and in-the-trenches realities of diverse media use in today's progressive non-profit and for-profit learning organizations. Rich media applications in most organizations or consortia are inherently different than media use in social networking environments. Our experts know what those differences are and where there is overlap and complementary value, and we are determined to help our customers achieve maximum return on investment from their efforts to leverage new rich media tools and technologies. Learn more about our strategic partners and our story.

Ensemble Video Conference Room

We Started Building Ensemble Video in 2006

Ensemble Video grew out of a project at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management in New York State, to create a flexible, easy-to-use video content management system. The inventors of the product are information and instructional technology professionals and educators.

In 2006 staff from the Whitman School developed a video content management system to help Syracuse University manage video across its component colleges. After experiencing success at Syracuse University, Andy Covell, the former executive director of information technology at Whitman, formed Symphony Video Inc. in early 2007 and secured exclusive worldwide rights to market the underlying patented technology in a commercial software product called Ensemble Video. Since then, Ensemble Video has been successfully deployed in hundreds of organizations and consortiums in in higher education, K-12, health care, government, and enterprise markets.

Syracuse University Campus