Wowza Media Server Integration

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Manage and Scale Your Wowza Media Servers®

Wowza Media Server 3With an easy-to-use interface, extensive feature set and integration with Wowza Media Server®, Ensemble Video is an obvious choice for organizations seeking a cost-effective platform that enables users from across the organization to manage, share and distribute video.

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Ensemble Video is a very flexible video content management system that supports upload, ingestion, transcoding, management, publishing, sharing, streaming, storage and distribution of video and other rich media to countless devices. It allows organizations to orchestrate their online video use in a secure, affordable manner across many user and application contexts.

Lowest TCOWhy Wowza Media and Ensemble Video?

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Wowza Media Server® and Ensemble Video are cost-effective and capable technologies that reduce duplicate duplicate services, efforts and investments.

Flexibility: Wowza Media Server® and Ensemble Video are flexible technologies that can easily integrate with a wide range of third-party video and Web technologies, helping you align organizational needs and goals.

Easy to Use: Wowza Media Server® and Ensemble VIdeo are simple and and easy-to-use solutions that can support diverse users as well as diverse applications across your organization.

The #1 Choice for Media Streaming

The votes are in. The industry has spoken. Wowza Media Server® is declared the #1 choice for media streaming by the Streaming Media Magazine readers! These awards solidly affirm Wowza Media Server's reputation as the preferred media streaming solution over Adobe and Microsoft servers.

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The Challenge

Unfortunately, organizations sometimes have trouble building a robust, cost-effective and manageable rich media management solution. Many have trouble dealing with this growth and scaling their online video efforts because of workflow challenges and they have limited staffing to execute this type of project. In most cases, high volume video-on-demand is complex, time consuming and problematic for a number of reasons.

Enterprise customers want to:

  • Ingest a variety of formats with one system
  • Produce a variety of files with one to many encoding recipes
  • Simplify streaming media server management
  • Catalogue videos for searching and consumption
  • Simplify Organizing Users and Roles
  • Train and support users
  • Publish content to other online system

The Solution

Ensemble Video provides a balanced set of tools in one system, ultimately helping you optimize your costs. Ensemble Video offers organizations a flexible framework, user-controls and an easy-to-use publishing and sharing system that supports centralized and distributed Web-based publishing, and can easily integrate with a wide range of third-party video and Web technologies.

Our award-winning solution offers the lowest cost of ownership, if you consider our flexibility, simplicity and ease of use.

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